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Derek Lunsford Pushes to the Limit With Rigorous Chest Workout

On July 26, 2022, Derek Lunsford took to his YouTube channel to share what the reigning 212 Olympia champion called a “strength-building” chest workout. Lunsford’s demanding morning routine is a small…

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Massive Chest Growth With Anti-Fly Chest Presses — Advanced Human Performance Official Website

Simply grab bands or cables (i.e. laying in between two cable columns), attach them to your wrists or forearms using wrists straps or arm slings (typically used for hanging leg…

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25 Best Functional Presses for Athletes & Bodybuilders — Advanced Human Performance Official Website

 The make shift jammer setup provides 10 unique benefits. 1. Provides a standing press that includes 2 force vectors namely a horizontal force vector as well as a slight vertical…

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