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Workout Splits Explained — How They Work and Why You Need Them

If you have the luxury of working out, you’re squandering the opportunity by walking into the gym without a plan. To avoid wasting your time with marginally effective training, you…

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The Best HIIT Workouts With Bodyweight, With Kettlebells, and More

Whether you call it conditioning, metcon, or plain old “cardio,” some type of cardiovascular training is necessary to achieve results you can’t replicate with standard weight training alone. While there…

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Burn Fat

When someone decides to burn fat, they often think it means surviving on a carrot and three lettuce leaves each day while jogging to and from work. Fortunately, neither of…

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What Is The Best Way to Burn Calories In 30 Minutes?

Maybe I should have entitled this article, The Best Normally-Engaged in Calorie-burning Activities Per Unit of Time. After all, you could burn many calories by insanely walking up and down…

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