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Stretching & Flexibility Training: A Better Alternative — Advanced Human Performance Official Website

Dr. David LaPlaca earned his PhD in Kinesiology with a cognate in Nutrition from the University of Georgia, where he completed his dissertation “The Characteristics that Differentiate Expert, Competent, and…

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The Truth About Yoga, Flexibility, & Mobility Training — Advanced Human Performance Official Website

1. Basavaraddi, I., Yoga: Its Origin, History and Development. Governement of India: Minestry of External Affairs, 2015. 2. Jain, A., Modern Yoga: , in Oxford Research Encyclopedias 2016. 3. Stephens,…

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Stop Neglecting Your Abductor and Adductor Muscles — Advanced Human Performance Official Website

On similar note, here’s the slow motion version of the above drill. If you pause the video you’ll notice lots of 90 degree joint angles particularly in the hips. This…

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