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The 5 Best Exercises for Tall People

It’s time for a quick lesson in physics. Don’t be scared; the training talk will begin soon. The definition of Work is “Force x Distance.” This is one of the…

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How to Do the Chin-Up for Bigger Arms and a Stronger Back

Many lifters want to follow programs that deliver results without wasting time in the gym. One of the most effective ways to achieve that is to train with exercises that…

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Everything You Need to Know to Master the Pull-Up

The pull-up is the meat and potatoes of any back workout. It’s one of the few exercises that nearly every experienced lifter agrees is essential for building a foundation of…

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The Best Back Workouts for More Muscle, for Strength, for Beginners, and More

Although it isn’t one of the “mirror muscles” — body parts looking back in your reflection like the chest, shoulders, and arms — a well-developed back will balance your physique.…

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