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Rauno Heinla

Watch Strongman Rauno Heinla Deadlift 30 Pounds More Than the Current Master’s World Record

On July 10, 2022, over Instagram, strongman Rauno Heinla shared footage of himself completing a 450-kilogram (992-pound) deadlift during a training session. Heinla’s staggering strength figure is roughly 30 pounds…

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Strongman Rauno Heinla Deadlifts 420 Kilograms (926 Pounds) for 4 Reps in Preparation for 2022 World Deadlift Championships

While Rauno Heinla is one of strongman’s biggest names, he built much of his career profile on the back of his tremendous deadlift prowess. With the 2022 World Deadlift Championships…

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Strongman Rauno Heinla Breaks Silver Dollar Deadlift World Record With Pull of 579.7 Kilograms (1,278 Pounds)

Rauno Heinla is known for his deadlift prowess. The Estonian strongman is one of the few people to have pulled at least 453.6 kilograms (1,000 pounds), which he managed in…

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