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: How to Be Who You Are by Henry Nwachuku ::.

: How to Be Who You Are by Henry Nwachuku ::.

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How to Be Who You Are
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How to Be Who You Are - Article by Henry Nwachuku on MOTIVATION magazine

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What does it mean to be? What is being? How are you who you are? Also, how do you know who you are?

There is no way to be who you are if you don’t take action to be who you are. Who you are comes from deliberate actions you take. Thinking, visualizing, and following the image of who you are, are actions you take on purpose. Before you take an action, you are presented with a situation, event, or condition. This presentation is the first thing you experience. An experience of course, is anything absorbed into your life respective or irrespective of your personal choice to encounter it. An experience can be considered good or bad, nice or mean, happy or sad, and so forth. It is very important for you not to lose sight as a human being, that you have the power to decide or change your mind about anything, no matter what. The Bible calls it “Free Will.”

Decision-making is an action. When you are deciding on something, you are in the process of taking an action. This process is part of your action. During this processing period, your human mind is reflecting, comparing, associating, and binding your past experiences with your present one. When you finish the processing, you utter or provide your decision. As you know, a decision can be considered good or bad, thoughtful or reckless. This is when your Power-To-Decide or Free Will is respected, considered, and exercised by you.

With respect and consideration to your Power-To-Decide, you take action which reflects your Usage-Level of your Power-To-Decide. Your Usage- Level can be 100% of your Power-To-Decide, or it can be 75%, 50%, or 25% of your Power-To-Decide. Your Power-To-Decide can be 0% only if you notify someone else to make your decision for you. In this case, you transfer 100% of your Power-To-Decide to another person, using your Innate-Power-To-Decide. In brief, your Innate-Power-To-Decide is the fabric or substance which creates, molds, and shapes you as a person. Without your Free-Will or Power-To-Decide, you are a body of creation functioning without a choice, conscience, and livelihood. Decision-making and making choices are what give you life, whether a good life or a bad one. So, your Power-To-Decide gives you the life you live, whether good or bad.

Therefore, recognizing that your lifestyle is the result of your decision and choice, is the first and greatest achievement you have. At least, you have the assurance that your life is not in the hands of someone else. That’s why tyranny, forced consent, slavery, oppression, abuse, among other forced establishments are crimes and offenses against you. In the free world, you choose who and what to allow or disallow in your life. As I noted earlier, an experience is something absorbed into your life with any of your senses, and it registers within your mind for recollection, reflection, purpose, and usage. That’s why your life is full of experiences. Your Power-To-Decide gives you the luxury to choose what your life is full of. Your Power-To-Decide is your offense and defense mechanism which shapes your life.

Decision-making is like signing a consent form. When you sign a Consent form, you agree to the terms and conditions thereof. Likewise, when you decide to allow something into your life, you welcome it and it becomes part of your life. Anything you deliberately allow into your life, whether good or bad, helps identify who you are. The more you allow things into your life, the more you identify with those things. The combination of those things create your identity and who you are.

To be who you are can come with bad and good outcomes. The bad outcomes might be due to your poor decision-making actions: procrastination, excuse-making, recklessness, failure to take care of yourself, or blatant neglect on following through. The good outcomes can be a result of your healthy and positive decision-making actions: good time management, staying motivated, taking good care of yourself, eating right, exercising, embracing education, going after your aspirations, thinking positive, loving yourself, respecting yourself and others, and intentionally following through and accomplishing your personal goals in life.

I conclude my article by asking you, Who are you? Where are you? Why are you? How are you?

Make today the day that you boldly step up and move forward to discovering and showcasing the best “Who You Are” the world’s been waiting to see!


Hi! In what way recently have you taken action to be who you are in a positive way? Kindly share one of your positive strategy by commenting below. Thank you in advance for sharing.

About the Author: Uchenna Nwachuku

Henry Uchenna Nwachuku was born in Nigeria, West Africa. He came to the United States of America at age 11, and has lived in New York City, New York ever since. Henry was always fascinated by the variety of people and cultures he interacted with as a young boy, so he majored in Sociology in college, and earned his BA degree. His experiences have taught him that society is composed of a melting pot of unique individuals, and positively motivated individuals make both industrious and innovative movements that impact and change the world for the better.


The MOTIVATION ‘Key Takeaways’ for this article:


How to Be Who You Are

There is no way to be who you are if you don’t take action. You have the power to be who you are. Who you are is direct reflection of your decisions. Focus and remind yourself that:

1. Who you are comes from deliberate actions you take.

2. You are presented with experiences and you have to make decisions.

3. You have a Power-To-Decide.

4. Things you welcome into and exclude from your life identify who you are.

5. The outcomes in your life will be more pleasing when you take the time to think through and make healthy and positive decisions.



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