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: Humility in ACTion for Leaders by Justin Jones-Fosu ::.

: Humility in ACTion for Leaders by Justin Jones-Fosu ::.

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Humility in ACTion for Leaders
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When you think of a leader what do you initially think of? Do you think of a person that is a great delegator, a great communicator, and an inspirer? Well one of the most underrated qualities of a great leader is humility. I am sorry that I said the bad “H” word, but it is true. While many leaders are focusing on casting a great vision, on working more efficiently on building teams, and building membership there are quite a few that have forgotten to look in the mirror to address one of the greatest leadership qualities known to man. Here are three practical ways to show humility as a leader. 

Realize that you are not superman/superwoman. I remember when I was a Store Manager for a major retailer and I was leading a team of 50 people. For some reason I thought that I had to know all the answers and that I could not really ask for help or else it would show weakness. What is interesting is that leaders all across the country sometimes still feel this same way. This can lead to two things, (1) extreme burnout because you are the only one doing all the work or (2) a failed organization because if you are not asking for help your people are not being utilized effectively and thus they aren’t growing.

Admit you make mistakes. As a matter of fact admit that you make a lot of mistakes. No one likes a person that appears perfect, because we all know that no one is perfect. Think about the last time that you knew someone messed up but they did not tell you about it. How did it make you feel? If you are like me you lost a little bit of trust with that person. That feeling is the same feeling those who we lead feel when we are not honest with them about the mistakes we make. When we are vulnerable and humble enough to share our mistakes with others an amazing thing occurs – they actually usually end up trusting us even more. 

Create an environment of openness. One of the biggest challenges that leaders face is that they do not know how the people that they lead really feel. The people we lead are talking about us, the big question is do we have an environment where they can be open and honest about how they really feel. One way that I began to create this environment is by conducting a Plus/Delta. A Plus/Delta simply asks two questions, (1) what am I doing well and (2) what do I need to change or improve. Some leaders around the country have decided to do this either once a month or once a quarter. The key to executing this is to just listen and write down both the good and the bad. Don’t try to justify why things happen or the reason(s) you did it that way. If you try to justify it you are just creating an environment where people feel their opinions do not matter.

The biggest thing regarding humility is that you really have to be humble in order to show that to others. If you believe you are a gift given to your organization than you are missing the point of leadership. As leaders we are there to help accomplish the mission of the organization, lead other people with great vision, and truly inspire them through great humility. Lead like never before with a little more humility!

About the Author:

Justin Jones-Fosu is addicted to leadership! He is a sought after speaker/consultant on personal and professional leadership issues. Justin speaks 50+ times a year on leadership, leading through diversity, and other related topics. He is the author of Finding Your Glasses: Revealing and Achieving Authentic Success, but more importantly, he is a loving husband and a proud father.

Click the following link to learn more about: Justin Jones-Fosu


The MOTIVATION ‘Key Takeaways’ for this article:

It is important to not only act humble, but to also be humble as a leader and as a person. Here are some suggested ways for great humble actions:

Step 1:  Realize that you do not know it all and are not superman/woman

Step 2:  Admit to yourself and others that you make mistakes

Step 3:  Create an environment where people feel free telling exactly how they feel.


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