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I Could Sing This Bridge Forever, If It’s an Antiphon

If you spend any amount of time in churches that have a notable proportion of people under the age of 40, you’ll hear the genre of music called “modern worship.”…

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What We Sing as Creation Cries Out

Deckers Creek, an Appalachian tributary that runs through Morgantown, West Virginia, was once clean and clear. These days, it often has an orange hue. “That’s the heavy metals leaching into…

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AI Can Preach and Sing. So Why Can’t It Worship God?

Visit the Kodaiji Temple in Tokyo, Japan, and a six-feet-four, 132-pound robot priest named Mindar will give you a 25-minute sermon on Heart Sutra. Mindar’s ability to preach suggests a…

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We’ve No Less Days to Sing God’s Praise, But New Worship Songs Only Last a Few Years

Churches across the US and Canada sang, “Refiner’s fire / my heart’s one desire / is to be holy” for a full decade after Vineyard worship pastor Brian Doerksen released…

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